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MedQueen CME Tours for adventure, history, exploration, and relaxation.


MedQueen CME Tours

Continuing Medical Education courses for medical professionals taught by a physician while traveling the world

Courses relevant to the most up-to-date patient care

Travel to stimulate the wanderlust and adventurer combining intellect and relaxation

BLS/ACLS Re-certification available

Courses tailored for each group & targeting license requirements

Sample Course Topics

  • Medical Errors
  • Nutrition for Healing & Disease Management
  • Stress Management for Medical Professionals
  • Wellness Lifestyle Modifications for Patient Education
  • The History of Medicine & How it effects current Medical Practice

These CME courses were produced by a working physician for active medical professionals inserting clinical references. All the lectures have previously been presented for live audiences at conferences and follow the ACCME guidelines for continuing medical accreditation. The lectures are relevant to all medical specialties, meet state licensing requirements, and can easily translate to improvement toward patient education & care.

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Yvette McQueen MD

Dr. Yvette McQueen is a global physician on a mission to educate about health, travel wellness an disease prevention. She is an Emergency Medicine physician, Concierge Travel Doctor and Wellness Lifestyle coach; working as a physician across the US and the Caribbean. Dr. McQueen serves as a travel group physician ensuring healthy and safe travel of the clients before and during their international trip. Dr. McQueen is a 4 x best seller author, speaker, blogger, consultant, CPR and First Aid instructor; wilderness emergency care training and international teaching for the American Heart Association. She has traveled to 40+ international countries for exploring; organizes medical missions to Africa; hospital training/teaching in Rwanda and Tanzania; and participates in international church missions. She’s also the executive producer on the award-winning travel show Fly Brother; provides Wellness Lifestyle Coaching, Wellness Retreats; and a Board of Directors member of the Wellness Tourism Association. Association

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“The lectures were awesome and applicable for all physicians despite specialty."


"Dr. McQueen is an excellent and dynamic speaker. Her CME events are top notch and relevant."


“Dr. Yvette is an excellent speaker! Not only is she knowledgeable on a variety of medical topics ranging from Emergency Medicine to healthy lifestyle, she also enthusiastically teaches women physicians and professionals about wellness and self-care. I have participated in her CME lectures and wellness retreats and her talks are just as exciting as the travel adventures."


“Dr. McQueen is an excellent and knowledgeable physician. She has much experience in emergency medicine and is a dedicated community and professional educator.”


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Physician Wellness Retreat

St. Lucia, West Indies -- February 16-20

An all-inclusive wellness resort to relax, restore, and rejuvenate. A space to retreat from your daily obligations, renewal of social wellness, stress management, reflections, purge activities, and personal time.

Estimated cost: $3500 [all meals, beverages, activities, 2 spa treatments included]

Flight not included

History of Medicine Series - Greece

Athens, Kos, Mykonos -- March 4-12, 2022

The methodology developed under Greek medicine, the trainings of Hippocrates under a tree, and how modern medicine was developed from the theory of balance. A while exploring the lands and islands of Greece.



History of Medicine Series - France/UK

Paris, Normandy, Reims, Montpelier; London, Scotland

Discover facts about Pasteur & his contributions to medicine, Madame Curie & radioactivity, and why Nostradamus failed out of medical school; all while exploring the rich and vibrant country of France.


History of Medicine Series - Southern Italy

Rome, Naples, Sorrento, Amalfi Coast


Wellness to Healing Retrea



History of Medicine Series - Egypt

Explore the birth of civilization, ancient medicine representation, the structures of the father of medicine Imotep, and learn of the origins of essential oils & medicinal botanicals.

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