Wellness 101

A Guide to Wellness and Stress Management

This guide provides you with:

  • The 8 dimensions of wellness
  • Easy & essential ways to put wellness into your life
  • Focused stress management categories
  • A jump start to living your best life


Are you seeking practical ways to wellness?

Do you have adequate sleep & hydration for a healthy lifestyle?

Do you need methods to intertwine work / family / social / spiritual

Do you want to live your best life?


Yvette McQueen MD

A Global Physician and Wellness Lifestyle Coach

Yvette McQueen is an Emergency Medicine Physician working across the US and the Caribbean. Dr. McQueen also serves as a concierge travel physician ensuring healthy and safe travel before and during an international trip. A speaker, blogger, best-selling author, consultant, CPR/First Aid instructor and wellness lifestyle coach. She teaches personal wellness, self-care, stress reduction, lifestyle modifications for living your best life; and a Board of Directors member of the Wellness Tourism Association.



"Dr Yvette is an excellent speaker! Not only is she knowledgeable on a variety of medical topics ranging from Emergency Medicine to healthy lifestyle, she also enthusiastically teaches women physicians and professionals about wellness and self-care. I have participated in her CME lectures and wellness retreats and her talks are just as exciting as the travel adventures."

- Dr. Alexea Gaffney-Adams, Infectious Disease Specialist

"Dr. McQueen, Thank you for teaching a great Wellness class. This class provided an in-depth discussion on how to take better care of my overall health both physically and spiritually."

- Crystal P.

"I will shout it from the mountain tops that Dr. Yvette’s wellness retreats are AMAZING!! They are laid back but chalk full of valuable information in fabulously refreshing locations. A totally unique experience that we (as physicians) need, deserve and appreciate! Thank you for providing the perfect CME get away opportunity for us!"

- Dr. M Samm Pyrce

"Wow! I recently had the opportunity to hear from Yvette McQueen MD who was a featured speaker for our Black Speakers Network virtual community of over 9,000 members. During this virtual keynote presentation, Yvette educated us on the topic of: Wellness 101 to Living Your Best Life. From our member engagement, I could see that our members found great value in this presentation."

- Brian Olds MSD, Founder of Black Speakers Network


Live Your Best Life!!!

Learn the 8 Dimensions of Wellness and Stress Management.


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